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Wedding Ideas That I LOVE...

Over the past 17 years we have been lucky enough to decorate 100’s and 100’s of weddings in some of the most beautiful venues in the North East. So if you are getting married in 2024/25, here are some of our favourite & unique ideas…

Live Painting 

Capture a moment from your wedding and have it painted during the reception by an artist. Not only will you have this forever, to display in your home, but it it a wonderful focal point during the day, where guests can watch the progress.

live wedding painting

Audio Guestbook

My favourite new trend, and the most creative way to capture memories. Record all of your loved ones messages in our full size telephone booth. Listen back on these in years to come, from heartfelt words to drunken stories. Allowing your guests to tell you the story of your wedding day, filling you in on all the little snippets you may have missed. This is an absolute gem of an idea, a modern day twist on the traditional guestbook.

audio guestbook the newest trend in co louth for weddings

Full size telephone box with audio guestbook at ballymascanlon

Our Audio Guestbook at Ballymascanlon Hotel

Preserved Bouquet

I recently tripped across this Irish company "Pressed Flowers by Nell" who creates the most amazing pieces of artwork using your bouquet. A unique way to make your bouquet last a lifetime. Watching your bouquet wilt in the days after your wedding is a sad sight, have no regrets, think ahead and have a plan in place.

Personalisations on your wedding day is definitely up there as one of my favourite touches.  These drinks toppers are just so pretty and available on Etsy. Finishing touches like this really elevate the look.

wedding details drinks topper

Flip Flops/Cosy socks.

This trend is going nowhere and rightly so, it is definitely a huge hit for those tired feet. Let your guests know that you’re thinking of them with this little affordable treat. And the morning after the wedding, this basket is always empty, so worth the investment.

Favours that guests actually need! We have seen so many favours being swept up the morning after the wedding. Avoid this by really thinking about what your guests actually NEED.

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