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Let's Talk Lighting...

Let’s Talk Lighting…

So what’s your vision?

When you imagine your guests walking into your venue, what do you want them to see, how do you want to make them feel? You want it to match their mood, right? Stylish, classy, on-trend. You want them to feel anything but underwhelmed!

Now luckily for me, I work in some very beautiful venues, that are far from underwhelming. Using our lighting & drapes only to enhance the space, up-level it and make it just that little bit more boujee.

So what are your lighting options? And what do they look like...

Exposed Lighting

Won't hide your view during the day & looks spectacular at dark. Perfect for venues with lots of windows. This look can be elevated to include blossom trees.

You can see that this type of lighting looks superb during the day, but then really pops at dark. Exposed lighting during the winter months is extra special.

Fairylight Backdrops

Fairylight Backdrops are the best way to frame the top table. A key focal point of the day. All eyes are on it, so make it shine. I love how the backdrop dresses this area up for photos & videos of the speeches. If you are on a budget, this would be the best way of creating impact with the lowest spend.

Fabulous top table florals by Blomming Events.

Entrance Drapes

Lead your guests into the room, with beautiful entrance décor, making a lasting first impression. I would definitely recommend this for a civil ceremony. Finish the look off with personalised signage & a post box.

Mood lighting

Create instant atmosphere with coloured mood lighting. Most popular in Winter or in rooms with no natural light.

Are there any “not so perfect” areas in your venue, little icks, bold colour schemes that just don’t match the aesthetic in your head. Not a problem! Draping can cover a multitude. Creating a seamless floor to ceiling canvas that will completely switch up a space.Your reception room, is the one area that you will spend the most time in, so investing in décor is justifiable. With the flick of a switch, lighting can completely transform a space, drawing your guests into a warm, inviting & magical atmosphere. Fairylights are definitely not just for Christmas. And their delicate little glow will create “thee” perfect ambiance.

So if creating a memorable, enchanting atmosphere on your wedding day is up there on the priority list, get in touch now.

Amazing transformations without blowing the budget is what we do best.

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