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Don't make these mistakes!

Updated: Mar 1

Don’t forget to eat.

With all the commotion & emotion on the day, it’s very easy to skip breakfast. Between hair & make up, dressing & photos, it would be very easy to suffice with a quick coffee on the go.  But remember, it’s a LONG day!

Organising a delivery from a local deli or café will ensure that the bridal party can graze throughout the morning, avoiding those rumbling bellies in the church or a tipsy tumble from one too many champagnes on an empty stomach. Whether it’s forgetting to eat or avoiding the bloat, breakfast will be the fuel to keep you all going & glowing until dinner.

Lack of Entertainment.

Yes, the band & DJ are usually a given at 90% of weddings. But one time slot of the day where I really feel can be a bit of a lull, is the drinks reception. Entertainment during this time can instantly set the tone for the celebrations ahead, whether it be a lively traditional musician, a caricaturist or a magician, it will create a talking point and encourage your guests to interact & mingle.

Regretting the Guest List.

Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting at the top table on your wedding day, glancing from table to table…Who do you want to see there? Who do you NOT want to see there and who is just about making the cut. When making your guest list, things can very quickly get out of hand, so really try to whittle the list down to people that are part of your lives.

Thinking you have to fit into an existing wedding template

One of our mottos is “Let your style tell the story” Throw tradition out the window on your wedding day and make up your own rules to suit your style. Letting your personality shine through will really make the day feel personal & unique to you. Don’t get bogged down with traditions such as speeches, cutting of the cake, first dance. If these aren’t your thing, then break the mold & do YOU. Guests will love nothing more than a refreshing change. We have decorated 100’s of weddings over the years, so when you do see something different, no matter how wild & wonderful it may be, it’s always appreciated, and will never go unnoticed.

Not practicing your First Dance

All eyes & cameras are looking in your direction. And sometimes, it can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’re not a dancing pro! By no means does it need to be a choreographed masterpiece, but make sure you know whos putting what where, no ones stepping on toes and that you both are comfortable with your choice of song.  And on the topic of song choice, a tough decision to make! you definitely don’t want to be haunted in years to come by a one hit wonder that was played out. A little practice goes a long way, or if you do want to push the boat out and make it a little show stopping then maybe a call to Enrica from for a few lessons to iron out those dancing doubts.

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