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Why do I need a wedding theme?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good theme!

For me, it instantly sets the mood & helps bring the whole look together, and not just from an aesthetic point of view. It is the perfect way to put your stamp on your wedding day by incorporating elements that feel true to who you are. One question I get asked all the time is "How can I make my wedding look different?" So many of my couples have concerns that their guests have been to numerous weddings in their chosen venue and they want their wedding day to stand out and be that little bit different. The easiest solution to this is "pick a theme"

Wildflower Wedding Theme

How do I pick a theme?

If you're feeling overwhelmed when choosing a theme, sit together as a couple and talk through what your perfect wedding day would look like; Have you ever been to any weddings that took your breath away? How do you want to make your guests feel when the leave? What kind of story are you trying to tell through the details & the decor?

Break it down and think about the details:

1. Food - what's your favourite meal? I've seen it all from luxury pies, Chinese to BBQ. Fish & chip vans for evening food, ice cream vans and coffee carts. Is there any way you can bring your favourite food into the day? Try not to get too bogged down about what other people will think. For me, It would be such a treat to see something that steers away from tradition.

2. Drinks - Designing & naming your own cocktail, stopping off at your local for a pint after the ceremony, serving warm apple cider at Autumn weddings or hot whiskeys in Winter. What's your favourite tipple, if it's prosecco, why not have mini bottles of your favourite bubbly as favours & bubbles for the kids. Or have a prosecco flavoured wedding cake? Get creative!

Lauren & Andy designed their own cocktails for their summer wedding at home in 2020

3. Fashion - This is something you definitely don't want to live to regret. Go with your heart on this one, stick with your style and try not to feel pressured into following what's "IN" fashion at the time you're getting married. We all have our own unique sense of style, so let this shine through on your day.

4. The little details - What floats your boat? From star wars to skating, travelling to tap dancing, these are the little quirks that make you unique, and what better way to showcase this than on your wedding day. These are little details that will put a smile on your guests faces.

We have decorated so many themes over the years...

Bold & Bright with Fabulous Florals by Neill Strain Floral Couture

Masquerade Ball at The Crowne Plaza Dundalk

Rustic Wedding at The Ballymascanlon Hotel

Boho Vibes at The Old Mill Riverstown

Romantic Wedding Theme at The Four Seasons Hotel Carlingford

Pretty Pastels at The Crowne Plaza

Lace & Pearls at Ballymascanlon

Boutique Chic at Callans Bar & Restaurant

Vintage Heaven at The Four Seasons

Try not to get swept away by the latest trends in bridal magazines as if it's not a reflection of what you both truly love, you may regret your choices in years to come. Also, please don't fret if themes are not your thing. Something as simple as being inspired by the season you are getting married, a particular colour scheme or your favourite flower can be incorporated throughout the day and make it feel cohesive, stylish & professionally put together.

Amy x

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