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5 Things your Wedding Guests really care about…

Updated: Jun 5

1. Being Hungry.

There’s so many amazing instagrammable ideas for this one! Ice cream vans, coffee trucks, charcuterie cups. A great way to get creative & really put your stamp on things. Food is a huge part of the wedding day experience, and should be high on the priority list. Food offerings scattered throughout the day will keep rumbling bellies at bay.

Board & Brie Blackrock
Check out Board & Brie in Blackrock

2. Too much waiting around.

Your wedding day will undoubtedly pass you by in the blink of an eye. From the morning madness, to the photos, first dance & all the laughs & happy tears in between. But on the other hand, from a guests perspective, there can be a few lulls in the day, that is definitely worth considering. First off, is the time between arriving at the venue and being called for dinner. Depending on what time your ceremony is at, this could be a 3 hour stint for guests. Keep them busy with some entertainment, from music to magicians, caricaturists to casino tables. There is an array of suppliers at hand, to keep the chats going. Think about having photos displayed, of friends & family, a quirky & unique table plan, a signable guest book or our brand new audio guestbook.  Create points of interest throughout your drinks reception to make it a personable & fun experience. Time flies when you’re having fun!

3. Having a drink in their hand.

Arriving to your venue & walking up that red carpet in style is only made better when you are handed a fancy little tipple. Signature cocktails & ice cold beer buckets on a summers day, or mulled wine as a winter warmer. Let your style tell the story and really play around with ideas on what best reflects you as a couple. Our fab new drinks display is the perfect addition for this very occasion.

4. Seating arrangements for dinner.

I think we can all relate to this one. There’s always that little sigh of relief when the table plan is done.  Seating your guests beside friends & like minded people will ensure the craic will most definitely be had.  Your nearest & dearest will be exactly where you want them to be, and no one will be stressing or rushing around like headless chickens looking for a seat together.

Our Rustic Charm Table Plan at Crover House

5. Late night nibbles.

Always a winner! Crisp walls are a huge hit at the minute, as are Tayto sandwich packs. And although candy carts have been about for over a decade, they are going no where. Lots of couples dry hire the cart and then stock it up with their own supply of sweets. Those midnight munchies need to be catered for!

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